• Visa (debit and credit)

• Mastercard (debit and credit) or American Express

• Payment by PayPal

• Bizum

• Google Pay

• Apple Pay

• ShopPay

• Amazon Pay

• seQura: PAY LATER // Pay Split in 3 at no cost or in 6, 9 or 12 for only a small cost per month. Divide the payment of your order into 3 equal payments, without any added cost. One payment per month. No more. Instantly and without paperwork.

Example 1 security:

If you choose to pay an order of €100 in 3 months, you would pay €33.33 at the time of purchase and another €33.33 the following two months.
Divide the payment of your order into 6, 9 or 12 months for just a small fixed cost per month. Only with your ID, mobile and bank card. Instantly and without paperwork. You can complete the payment whenever you want at no additional cost.​

Example 2 seQura:

If you choose to pay an order of €180 in 6 months, you would pay €33 per month (only €3 per month for fee).

PAY LATER seQura: More information HERE

Pay Later (up to 7 days after shipment):

Receive your order and check it calmly before paying. When your order leaves the store we will notify you and you will have 7 days to check and pay, without additional costs.

This is how easy, fast and safe it is to buy with Pay After SeQura:

  1. Select Pay Later as the payment method at the end of your purchase.
  2. Enter your data (DNI and mobile). Without entering payment data and without added cost.
  3. Enjoy your purchase! Check your order and pay for it up to 7 days after shipment. SeQura will notify you by email of the date and method of payment.

If you have any questions, answer them here.

We do not accept payments over the phone, by transfer or cash on delivery, all payments must be made through our website.

Your order will only be shipped after payment has been cleared. If we do not receive confirmation of payment within 5 business days after placing the order, the order will be cancelled.