At Popa we have always opted for responsible and sustainable manufacturing. We are lucky to have manufacturing internalized so we can adjust to the maximum so as not to have a production surplus, reaching an out of stock of approximately 90%. Always with local products, reducing environmental impact, and 100% Made in Spain.

That is why we embarked on a totally innovative project in the testing phase, of which we are a part together with INESCOP.

We present the first shoe recycling plant, a project that was born at INESCOP, a center for innovation and technology established in 1971 as a private non-profit association. With 50 years of experience, it works to provide technological services, transfer knowledge and investigate topics of general interest to the footwear sector.

Its LEITMOTIV is to promote innovation in the footwear sector by offering solutions to meet the scientific-technical needs of companies. Footwear and textiles are beginning to contaminate almost as much as plastic, so we have to put in place means to stop this situation.

For this occasion, Popa collected +/- 1000 pairs of shoes equivalent to 1 ton of waste for recycling. We currently continue to receive footwear at our point of sale in Elche, rewarding this action for anyone who wants to be part of the change.