We would like to teach you how to always keep your POPA shoes in perfect, wonderful condition, so you can wear them any day you want. That's why we want to share our tricks and tips on how to take care of them with you.

After wearing them, don't just leave your POPA shoes in the wardrobe. Use our box and bag to store them. They also come with our personalised shoe shaper. We recommend that you use it whenever you take them off, to keep the material in perfect condition.

Not all POPA shoes are cleaned the same way. Pay attention to the material they are made with, and follow our instructions:

Patent leather

Clean with a chamois cloth to avoid harming the material. You can moisten the cloth with a bit of water, and gently rub it over the stained area. Then, dry it with a clean towel so it does not remain wet. Rub to shine.


If there are any stains, clean with a cloth dampened with water and neutral soap.

Split leather

Use dust-repellent spray. Dry-clean with a shoe sponge.


Use a cloth dampened with water and neutral soap.


Satin is a very delicate material. We recommend using a damp towel to remove dirtiness, but you must be very careful.