The conditions to make an exchange sound different according to the context.

The changes of size are not posible




If the article which reached you contains a manufacturing defect, we shall send you an other one totally free.

In case the product would not be in good condition and the attributable causes in this state are not due to the customer, this one has the right to turn(return) the article, by informing POPA FOOTWEAR S.L about the motive for the dismissal(cross-reference) through the ways supplied in the present contractual and free of charge conditions for the customer.

Conditions of refund of a defective product

A refund(repayment) because of defect or of bad state of the article will not be considered as a right to withdraw.

POPA FOOTWEAR S.L makes a commitment to take care of the expenses of return and to replace the article by a new in agreement with the conditions accepted during the sale.

If the customer wishes to make a complaint, the POPA FOOTWEAR S.L branch is situated C / NICOLAS OF BUSSI n34 Elche ( Alicante) or via our e-mail address

When you received your Popa, if you had any problem, you have a maximal deadline(extension) of 14 days from the date of purchase to inform us about the problem:

To proceed on the way back, whether it is for a defective article you have to follow the following stages:

1. Send an e-mail to ""

2. Indicate number of the order with the size that you wish to change or which(who) presents problems of manufacturing.

3. Indicate one or several product (s) in question.

4. Add a comment so that we can better understand(include) why you wish to turn(return) the article.

Once your mail was received, we shall study your demand(request) within 1 in 2 working days and we shall give you an answer to know how to proceed.

Between your demand(request) of exchange and the reception of your new Popa, a deadline(extension) from 7 to 10 working days can pass by.




POPA FOOTWEAR S.L will not take care to get back the article..

POPA FOOTWEAR S.L will not take care of the expenses of return.

In every case, articles to be turned will have to be in perfect condition, not have been carried and not kept in their original packing.

To request the return you must send the Popa to




Elche (Alicante)

Parque empresarial Torrellano


Consequently, to avoid the problems of transport, please assure you that the package is duly protected and closed in an external bag.

Once received, we Will verify the state.

When we have verified that one or several articles (s), as the possible components, accessories and promotional presents, are complete and in perfect states, we will send back you the money paid for the bought products.

On no account will be restored the amount paid as sending.

The deadline of return for these articles is of 14 working days from the date of reception of the order.

The changes of size are not posible. It will be proceeded to the dismissal of the article in exchange for the final amount paid for the article, excluding the amount paid as sending. After that, will be able of purchasing again..

To be able to be exchanged, the article will have to be in perfect condition (not have been carried) and kept in his original packing..

In every case, if you ask for a refund, only the final amount paid for the article will be paid off, the amount paid as sending being excluded.